IPL history in years and when it was started

In India, cricket is not only a game but it is a feeling and the fans of cricket also worship the cricketers. However, cricket is not the national game of India and it was not invented in India as well. India has given top cricketers to cricket-like Sachin Tendulkar, M.S.Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and more others. 

In cricket, there are various tournaments like T20, world cup, IPL among all these tournaments IPL is the best tournament and it has a maximum fan following in cricket. In the IPL there are 8 teams who play against each other in order to win the trophy of the IPL. In the teams, there are different players in the teams which are placed auction-wise and not country-wise. 

However, comparing IPL with other tournaments then IPL came into existence very late still it became more famous than any other tournament. Now cricket fans thoroughly wait for IPL and watch it for 2 months which is very interesting. 

When did IPL start?

As stated earlier, IPL started a bit late compared with other tournaments but has made its place all over the world. IPL is carried out every year in different stadiums. The teams of the IPL are named after the states of India which makes it more interesting and gets the attention of the audience. When did Indian Premier League start? 

The Indian Premier League or IPL started in 2008, and currently, IPL has 8 teams in it. There the inaugural team was won by Rajasthan royals, and since then many teams have won the trophy in the future also many teams will get the trophy for themselves. Up to now, there have been 14 successful seasons of the IPL and the auction for 2022 is still going on. 

IPL is organized by BCCI every year, and then the stadium is decided by organizers from all over the world. A tough competition is seen among all the teams, and the audience always cheers up his favorite team.

Every year a new winner comes up and makes the tournament more challenging and levels up the tournament itself. Along with this new teams are also introduced in the IPL, like a team from Lucknow is going to be added.

In 2022 also an IPL match is going to be held and an auction for the match is going on and very soon the results of the auction will also be declared. After this, the preparation for IPL will begin and teams will start playing.Indian Premier League auction 2022

Talking about the exact day then on 18th April in 2008 the IPL began and the winner of the first IPL was Rajasthan royals. After seeing the response of the audience many seasons of IPL came up and now people wait every year for this tournament of IPL. In betting also IPL has large significance and bettors believe more in IPL tournaments than any other. Also, IPL is held for 2 months so people get a lot of time for betting

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