IPL schedule detailed information

IPL is organized every year where all of the teams participate and fans and viewers enjoy and cheer up their favorite team. People wait for this match for one year and either t.v or internet viewers never leave any chance to watch IPL. It is the most loved cricket tournament which people watch and also cheer for their team.

IPL is celebrated as a festival in India as well as in most of the other parts of the world as well. Before the IPL begins the preparations for it starts and people set their schedule accordingly, this is the importance of IPL and fans never leave any match of IPL.

As you know that IPL is held every year, like every year in 2022 also IPL is going to hold and all the preparations have already been made. Teams are also ready after the auction and now they are completely ready to play on the pitch. In 2022 two more teams are added to the IPL team which means now a total of 10 teams will play in IPL 2022

The IPL schedule is also decided now and the audience is only waiting for players to perform. Let’s know a few more things about the IPL schedule 


70 matches played in the total duration of the IPL

As you know that this year 10 teams are going to be a part of the IPL, so according to them there will be 70 matches played in the total duration of the IPL. Talking about the duration of the IPL then the IPL match will be held for 65 days as announced by the BCCI. 

IPL matches are organized by the BCCI so all the major decisions in the IPL are taken by this organization only. If you want to look at the complete table of the IPL 2022  then the schedule is out now and you can check it on the internet. 

All the preparation for the IPL is done from auction to the schedule everything for the IPL 2022 is ready now fans are only waiting for the live telecast of the match. 

New team in the IPL

new team is going to be added in the IPL team named Lucknow Super Giants

In IPL 2022, there are a few interesting things that are going to take place like a brand-new team is going to be added in the IPL 2022. As you know that in the name of Uttar Pradesh there are no IPL teams named till now. 

Looking at the demand for the new team, now in the IPL a new team is going to be added in the IPL team named Lucknow Super Giants and it is one of the new franchises in the IPL which you will get to see in the team from 2022.

IPL has become the trend now, and fans of IPL have been waiting for it for a very long time so that they can watch their favourite player and team play. The preparation for IPL 2022 has been completed and now the schedule of the IPL is also ready now viewers can easily check the dates of the IPL.

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